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Cape May Town - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mbtrama/5997948649/

Whether you just want to visit the area or you plan to move to the Jersey Shore, the right town makes all the difference. It's a great area to enjoy during the summer. Here's a look at a few of the top Jersey Shore towns for 2015.


Wildwoods is a place with something to do all of the time. You can enjoy the boardwalk, rollercoasters, great places to eat and plenty more. This is a place for families to have fun with all kinds of rides or couples to enjoy a stroll on the boardwalk. If you want to dine at a few of the top spots in Wildwoods make sure to check out Cattle n' Clover, Coconut Cove and Westy's Irish Pub.


Found between the bay and the ocean, Margate is also known as South Atlantic City. This town is home to Lucy,

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Home Costs

Let's say you sell your Piscataway home, now you'll have to sum up all the expenses that have incurred before you get your share. There is variety of closing cost that will add up to be a lot in the end. Whether you're selling in a neighborhood like Birch Glen or Lake Nelson, you'll need to consider these cost when pricing your home for sale. Here are some things you should know about closing cost.

Your Agents Cut

The average commission for a real estate agent is 6% of the price the home sold for. That is then broken down, so 3% goes to the buyers agent, and the other 3% will go to the agent that sold the home. You can negotiate commission prices with your agent, or sell your home yourself. If the buying and selling agent is the same person,

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Pasta - Image Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/users/joshuemd-230533/

With plenty of classic and creative Italian dishes found at Il Castello's, the restaurant is one of the finest places to dine. They provide a number of fresh seafood dishes, along with steak, ribs, chicken, veal and so much more. Here's what you will enjoy when you dine at this fine Italian restaurant.

The Menu

The menu consists of more than 100 items with homemade soups, appetizers, main courses, pasta dishes and more. Some of the favorites include:

  • Tuna Tartar
  • Gourmet Crab Cake
  • Prosciutto di Parma
  • Shrimp Arrabiata
  • Tri Colored Salad
  • Insalata Mista
  • Linguine Alle Vongole
  • Paglia Fieno Primavera
  • Whole Wheat Fettuccine
  • Asparagus Risotto
  • Pollo Balsamico
  • Pollo Payard
  • Vitello Scallopini Toscano
  • Vitello
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Monmouth Park - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cecphotography/6043567103/

Monmouth Park was established in 1870, and it began as a three mile ranch. John F. Chamberlain, Amos Robbins and John Hoey came up with the idea to make a race track. In the 139 year history of Monmouth Park, a total of three structures have bared this name. The track, located between Eatontown and Oceanport, was one of these structures brought about in an attempt to bring in people to the Jersey Shore neighborhoods.


Monmouth Park was recognized as the Newmarket of America, which was a famous race track in England. The track had a rough start and shut down after just 3 years of being in business. In 1882, Monmouth was reopened and had undergone  a lot of updates and renovations. It was so popular that a second tract was opened in 1890.

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Pizza - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffreyww/6681489953

Who doesn’t love pizza? Cranbury Pizza offers delicious food at an affordable price. They have much more than just pizza, and they have become a very popular hangout for patrons.

You can like them on face book to keep up to date on specials and to get access to coupons. They use high quality ingredients such as fresh mozzarella, Italian plum tomatoes that have been imported, extra virgin olive oil, and premium flour.

Cranbury Pizza offerings include:

Margarita Pizza

  • Small – 12 inch for $10.50 and extra toppings cost $1.50 each.
  • Medium – 14 inch for $13.25 and extra toppings cost $1.75 each.
  • Large – 16 inch for $16.00 and extra topping

Regular Pizza

  • Small – 12 inch for $9.00 and extra toppings cost $1.50 each.
  • Medium
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There are many things you need to keep in mind when deciding on buying a house. It is a long term commitment that you want to take the time to ensure you are happy about. Here are some buying tips when looking to buy a home in New Jersey

Buying a Home in a Rural area

There are some great communities on the outskirts of New Jersey. A short train ride will get you to a few commercial areas where there are a variety of jobs available. In addition, these areas have outstanding schools, and great home offerings. Statics show that buying a home is cheaper in New Jersey than it is to rent. You will pay an average of $1,800 to rent a one bedroom apartment. A 30 year loan on a $200,000 mortgage will be around $900 a month.

30 Year Loan Verses 15 Year

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Sandwich - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dinesarasota/8251395930/

Started originally in a Rutgers University dorm room, Mr. Subs is a local sub shop with a huge following. Customers love the subs and the staff loves taking care of them.

With Mr. Subs, it's all about the bread and they have some of the softest bread you will find. It's made daily and fresh from their won bakery. This is what makes the sandwiches so good and New Jersey residents so happy.

The Menu

The menu is full of great subs, both cold and hot. Mr. Subs is the home of the 16" sub and some of the top choices include:

  • Pressed Ham, Salami & Cheese
  • Prosciuttini, Cabicola & Cheese
  • Roast Beef
  • Honey Roast Turkey
  • Peppered Turkey
  • Italian
  • Club Turkey Bacon
  • Pepperoni & Cheese
  • Cheesesteak
  • BLT
  • And More!


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Home Searching

When you are a first-time home buyer, you won't be looking for a mansion or even your dream home, in most cases. Instead, you will be looking for a starter home for sale in Piscataway for example. This is a home you can afford, which will allow you to start building equity and stop paying somebody else rent.

Your budget may not be large enough for you to buy the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. However, you will be able to compromise on a few features and get a home you can really enjoy.

Hiring the Right Agent

As a first-time home buyer, you need an agent with experience working with first-time buyers. You don't want somebody that hasn't helped this type of buyer or hasn't worked with one for quite some time. Since you will have

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A fusion of a restaurant, sports bar, lounge and more, The Lobby is a great place to enjoy plenty of fun. The atmosphere provides plenty of fun with a unique dining and entertainment experience. The Lobby is the premier venue for fun in Elizabeth, NJ. Here's what you will find when you enjoy this venue.

The Menu

The dishes found at The Lobby provide many different choices including:

  • Fish Tacos
  • Chicken Bites
  • Crispy Fried Calamari
  • Crab Cakes
  • Sancocho de Pollo
  • Azteca Soup
  • The Lobby House Salad
  • Grilled Cheese
  • BLT Sandwich
  • Top Shelf Steak Sandwich
  • Wild Buffalo Wrap
  • Lobby Godfather Wrap
  • Chicken Caesar Wrap
  • The Lobby Burger
  • Smoke House Burger
  • Home Made Veggie Burger
  • Mini Pizza
  • Fettuccini Alfredo
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Folklore - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/irekia/6069226838/

If you’re wondering what the Folklife Program is all about, its main intent is to appreciate and broaden on the availability of folk arts, folklife and folklore that’s located in New Jersey. This project helps preserve folk traditions as they are expressed by those who live in New Jersey and presents a number of artists who have been recognized by the community for their excellence.


This program is a project of Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission and has a mission of endorsing and encouraging the community to identify with a number of unique talents in the area that residents practice on a daily basis. The community celebrates and shares diversity of culture in the society and encourages exchanges across different

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