February 2019

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Renter to Buyer: Information for New Home BuyersThe transition from renter to buyer is often a difficult one. Many first-time homeowners have no idea what to expect when they set out to buy a house. Being prepared for homeownership can make the experience more enjoyable and exciting. If you're a renter who will soon be buying your first home, these tips can help.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Create a Budget

Home ownership can be expensive. The first thing that a renter must do to prepare for homeownership is to determine whether or not there is room in their budget to own a house. Some common expenses that homeowners must fit in their budget include:

  • Mortgage. In some
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Technology Set to Usher In a New Era for Home Builders and BuyersTechnology today isn't all about security and convenience, although those are important considerations in the home. There are other ways, however, that smart technology can be used to boost home value, and offer great return on dollars spent. In the future, the value of smart technology will accrue to new home builders as well as to owners, as the demand for smart homes continues to grow.

Think about smart lighting and smart shades just as a beginning. Tech-savvy ways to make a personal statement as well as add convenience and energy-savings will also be likely to pay off in the future in terms of appraisals, initial home prices and resale value. There are many ways to incorporate new technology into the home environment. Think beyond the walls

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