Best Dog Parks Near Newark, NJ

Best Dog Parks in Newark

As the most populous community in New Jersey, there are many amazing parks in Newark. While animals are usually welcome at any city park, some parks cater specifically to canine companions. Dog parks offer safe, enclosed spaces where dogs can safely play off-leash and socialize with each other. Is Fido ready for a day of fun? Keep reading to learn about the top dog parks in and around the city of Newark.

Branch Brook Dog Park

Branch Brook Park is home to the first dog park in Newark, and it has designated areas for large dogs and small dogs. The large dog area is 19,000 square feet and has 12 individual play features on which dogs can run and climb. The 11,000-square-foot small dog zone has nine features. Pets and owners alike are sure to love it here.

Beyond the pet zones, Branch Brook Park is a highlight of the city and is listed as a Historic Place due to being the oldest county park in America. There is a large lake, sporting fields, gaming courts, four miles of dog-friendly trails, and playgrounds. April brings about the blooming of the park's lovely cherry trees, and there are annual festivals to celebrate this and other events at Branch Brook Park.

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Kearny Dog Park

Kearney Dog Park is rather small, but it packs plenty of fun with separate pup play areas. The small dog fenced-in area is for dogs 25 pounds and under. There is a three-dog limit, and an adult must accompany them.

This park can be a bit hard to locate. Kearny's dog area is tucked within the Kearny Riverbank Park near South Midland Avenue on Passaic Avenue. Anyone looking for a quieter dog park than usual might prefer this hidden gem.

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South Mountain Reservation Dog Park

The South Mountain Reservation Dog Park in the town of Maplewood has fantastic areas dedicated to dogs, both small and large. Dog-owners and trainers come here to take advantage of the various agility courses used for skill development and recreation.

There are benches and large rocks for observers to sit on and a shaded area graced with several shade trees. Water fountains for pooches and people are available. What is superior about South Mountain's dog park are the smart closing gates that allow for only one to be open at a time to prevent escapes.

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Brookdale Dog Park

The Brookdale Dog Park in the town of Montclair is a smaller section of its namesake park. Folks love visiting here due to the convenience of having separate dog areas, agility installations, running water, and waste bags available at no cost. This spacious dog park is fairly new to Newark and allows for both active and passive recreation outside the confines of the pup play areas.

Outside the dog park, leashed dogs can join owners on the walking and jogging trails, meander through the groves or relax in the shade on the lawns. Brookdale Park also has track facilities, an archery range, sports fields, and playgrounds.

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Lincoln Park Dog Run

Another quieter and smaller dog park near Newark is Lincoln Park Dog Run in Jersey City. However, the dog park is not technically in Lincoln Park proper. Rather, it is located in a secondary area near the park's basketball, football, and soccer fields.

There are separate areas for large and small dogs, and both are well maintained and spacious. Pets love this off-leash park that also has water zones, including a playful fire hydrant. There are restrooms for humans next to the long bridge that is crossed to access the park. The park is open daily, offering free parking and admission.

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Woodbridge Dog Park

Located in the Sewaren community, Woodbridge Dog Park is located near the lovely Alvin P. Williams Park. The dog park here has dedicated small and large areas with high fences and benches for owners. In and around the fenced zones are plenty of water fountains for dogs and people.

There is a good array of agility equipment that animals love to run, play, and train on. A gazebo is nearby, and the water in the park is refreshing on summer days. Next to the larger pup pens, there is a field that's perfect for playing catch or breaking out a ball launcher for some extra thrills.

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Dogs and People Both Love to Live in Newark, New Jersey

The dog parks on this list are just a few of the many fun things to do in Newark. In fact, many shops and restaurants make up the other dog-friendly places in Newark. When shopping for single-family homes or condos and townhomes in Newark, dog-owners can be sure that they're in the right place for themselves and their pups.

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