Essential Packing Tips All Homeowners Should Know

Useful Tips For Packing and MovingMoving is a big job for anyone, and it can seem impossible to finish, especially with so many other things going on in the home buying or home selling process. While it’s true that moving is a big job, it definitely isn’t an impossible one. There are many strategies homeowners can use to help break up the job of moving into smaller, more manageable pieces to get it done in time for moving day. Here are some of the best ways homeowners can use to manage moving.

Pack One Room at a Time

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by moving when thinking about the entire home all at once, so one easy way to avoid that feeling is by breaking it up. If the home has a guest room that isn’t used very often or another low-traffic room, try packing those rooms first. And when those are done, move on to the next room, and so on. Tackling one room at a time instead of the entire home all at once can be a good way to create a feeling of momentum and success, which can be motivating for homeowners.

Use Luggage When Possible

Many homeowners likely have a suitcase, duffle bag, or backpack laying around. Instead of packing them away in boxes, put them to use. These sorts of things are built with transporting items in mind, so they’re perfectly suited to being used while moving. And don’t feel like they can only be used for clothes, either. While suitcases and duffle bags are built with clothes in mind, they can carry a lot of different things. Using them to pack can also help cut down on the cost of buying cardboard boxes, as well as reduce the waste caused by the boxes, so they’re even more useful.

Keep Valuables On Hand

While it’s possible for homeowners to do all the moving on their own, it’s more likely that they’re going to hire some sort of moving service to do the heavy lifting for them. However, when using movers, it’s important to recognize that not every mover is trustworthy, and it’s a possibility that things can get stolen. Because of this, homeowners need to take precautions and separate all of their valuables to transport them separately. This can be anything from important documents like birth certificates and social security cards or family heirlooms like flatware or jewelry. Keeping these sorts of valuables on hand during the move will help ensure that they don’t go missing.

Use Small Boxes

It’s pretty simple: the bigger a box, the more things that can fit inside it. However, when picking out boxes, try to opt for smaller boxes instead of big ones. When packing things away, boxes get heavy quickly, especially when it comes to things like books. Filling a large box with heavy items can make it dangerous or impossible to lift, so homeowners need to be conscious of the size of their boxes and what’s going into them. Large boxes can be good for things like bulky duvets and bedspreads, but smaller boxes are better suited to heavier or denser items.

Packing is a big job, especially if you are moving out of state but it’s very doable if Burlington County homeowners start early and keep up the momentum. These strategies can also make packing for the big move a bit easier, and homeowners can also apply their own favorite tips and tricks to make everything even easier for themselves.

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