Getting Your Garden in Shape Before Selling

three people planting flowers

One of the first things that a buyer will notice is the front yard of a property.

Are the trees well-groomed? Is the lawn maintained? Are the flowers and shrubs keeping with the appearance of the property?

All these point to the general care taken with regards to a property.

In this article, we will give you tips in preparing your outdoor spaces for the sale of your property!

Tips in preparing your garden before selling

These tips ensure that the outside space looks fresh and cared for.

Mow the lawn 

If you have a lawn, find a dry day to cut the grass. Trim the hedges and tidy up any bushes. You can also remove and restock tired-looking plants. This is to keep your garden looking fresh, colorful and pleasant.

Fill any redundant areas you may have with bark, light stones, granite or flint. There are lots of options. So, you can explore!

Garden Lights

External PIR-sensored floodlights are fantastic! Especially for property viewings at dusk or after dark. Solar lights look pretty. And they are cheap to buy. 

Buy a few up-lifters if you have any trees in your garden to create a striking effect.

Remove any rope lights or icicle lights. They may be left over from Christmas. 

powered-on light bulbs near tree


Mirrors can add an extra dimension to a rear garden. You can put them in beds, dormant walls, on a trellis, next to shrubs or within a flower bed. They will reflect light and enhance colors. Also, they will create a greater impression of height, width and general space.

Garages and sheds

Make sure that sheds are tiny and in good order. If the color is already fading, give them a lick of varnish or paint. Do it also with the fences. 

Make sure that all internal lighting works. And those doors open and shut properly. If you have a car that fits in your garage, it’s better to tuck it away inside or park it along the road outside. A clear driveway looks much better than a cluttered one. Creating space is very important.


No one wants to see bins. So, it’s a good idea to hide them away.

Dress the garden furniture

Set up your garden furniture if you have space for that. If the weather is good, dress the table with a bottle of wine and a few glasses. And a candle or two.

Jet-wash the surfaces

Jet-wash any mono blocking, paving and steps. It is really satisfying, although it’s a messy job.

If you have a deck, it’s good to give it a jet-wash. It can become slippery during the winter months.

Garden toys

You can put trampolines and garden play items if they are not too large. Or will take so much space. If you are to sell them to the buyer, make them aware that the items can be included in the price.

Make sure that neighboring areas are also tidy

If your property backs on to a rear service lane, make sure that this is tidy too. 

House numbers

Take a look at your house numbers! Check if they are rusty already. 

Replace them with shiny new ones if it’s not good anymore. This will help when the buyers are trying to find your property, especially at night.

House name

Have you given your house a name? You can order custom nameplates from your local DIY stores. The house name you choose doesn’t have to be registered. But it can be used on all your marketing materials. And it will give your property an interesting edge. 

Garden of your neighbor

Check whether the garden of your neighbor is tidy or not. Many sales have been foiled through bad feedback about the state of the next door’s lawn.

If you can, you can offer to help out and tidy it for them. 

Front lawn

Your front garden is the first and last aspect any viewer will see. Make sure it’s looking at its best!

green and purple trees beside gray concrete house

A tidy lawn looks great in the photographs used to market your property.

Last check

Always visit your property. And always check your garden with fresh, critical eyes. Remember, any potential buyer will come to your house and so exactly the same.

Other tips and reminders

Most home buyers do not want to do a lot of upkeep for the garden. So, make sure it really looks tidy and easy to maintain.

Check your shrubs. And see where they can be trimmed to create the best shape. Large shrubs can reduce the visual impact of the façade. And it can lead to the impression that the property is smaller in size and has lesser value.


Remove tree branches that are hanging over roofs and gutters. Pull down any invading vines. Spread bark mulch around the plants and over-exposed soil for an eye-pleasing finish. These tips will really help you tidy up your garden


In general, your garden must look good to impress any potential buyer. A neat garden will enhance the appeal of your property. And will leave a positive first impression. Especially if it’s located in the façade of your property. A good first impression will entice buyers to come in. And inspect your property.

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