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Getting Started Landscaping: What You Need to KnowIf you're inexperienced with home landscaping, getting started can be intimidating. Knowing what to plant and how to keep it alive can make your home look beautiful all year round. Whether you have just bought your first home or just not experienced with landscaping, here's what you need to know.

Water Regularly

Plants must have water to live, and many landscaping plants rely on water from sprinklers to survive. During the warmest times of year, some plants may need to be watered every other day. Other plants require less water to survive. Plants start to droop when they're deprived of water, so it's easy to tell how much watering is enough.

Homeowners must make note of their garden's watering needs when planting the beds. Clustering

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Technology Set to Usher In a New Era for Home Builders and BuyersTechnology today isn't all about security and convenience, although those are important considerations in the home. There are other ways, however, that smart technology can be used to boost home value, and offer great return on dollars spent. In the future, the value of smart technology will accrue to new home builders as well as to owners, as the demand for smart homes continues to grow.

Think about smart lighting and smart shades just as a beginning. Tech-savvy ways to make a personal statement as well as add convenience and energy-savings will also be likely to pay off in the future in terms of appraisals, initial home prices and resale value. There are many ways to incorporate new technology into the home environment. Think beyond the walls

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Home Improvements with High ROISome home improvements are more valuable than others, especially when the time comes to selling a home. Homeowners who want to get the best bang for their buck can turn to these home improvement projects.

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations are high ROI because they attract home buyers. In fact, a typical kitchen remodel has an ROI of about 83%. The best way to ensure that a kitchen remodel will have a high ROI is to keep costs low and avoid extravagant upgrades. Many home buyers will not pay extra for gourmet appliances. Spending extra money on unnecessary features usually results in a lower ROI. Homeowners who want to control costs when renovating their kitchen can work with their contractor for best results.

Deck Addition


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Which Eco-Friendly UPgrades Are Right For You?Energy efficiency is important for many modern homeowners. By installing eco-friendly appliances and fixtures, many homeowners are able to increase property values and reduce their utility bills. Here's what Avenel homeowners need to know to get started.

Low-Flow Fixtures

Many years ago, low-flow toilets got a bad reputation for not working properly. The first low-flow toilets to hit the market were ineffective because they often required two flushes to get the job done. Those days are over.

Modern low-flow fixtures are just as functional as traditional fixtures, but can reduce water usage by hundreds or thousands of gallons per month. Since many low-flow fixtures are relatively inexpensive to purchase and install, it doesn't take

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