How to Choose Flooring for Your Home

Posted by Robert Dekanski on Thursday, July 11th, 2019 at 10:27am.

How to Choose Flooring Each Room of the HomeFlooring has a lot to do with how each person interacts with the many rooms of the home. Depending on a homeowner's needs and future plans, they may need to consider non-traditional choices to better ensure everyone's safety and well-being. And great staging and flooring always help sell homes! These long-term decisions deserve careful consideration.


A kitchen is a place that can get dirty rather quickly, which is why people tend to choose easily cleanable materials:

  • Tile: Practical and plentiful, tile is everywhere today. From inexpensive glass or porcelain to limestone or marble, homeowners have a huge range from which to choose.
  • Prefinished wood: This uncharacteristic material is typically chosen for its uniqueness. It's resistant to moisture and can help the kitchen appear more welcoming.
  • Natural stone: Beautiful and luxurious, designers often recommend this one for high-end homes with true showmanship qualities.

Materials like natural stone and prefinished wood typically require more maintenance than tile will. Homeowners who want to limit their time spent in the kitchen may want to opt for tile. One caveat with tile though is to ensure the grout is sealed. If moisture is allowed to seem into the flooring, it can cause mildew or mold in the tiny cracks of the flooring.

Living Areas

Family rooms, dens, and living rooms are primarily outfitted with carpeting because it's comfortable and easy to walk on. The traction is perfect for unstable feet, whether it's in the form of a toddler or visit from an elderly neighbor. Kids who want to do cartwheels in the open space can do so with less chance of injury.

Quality carpets can be expensive, but it's exceptionally important to get one that will stand up to all the traffic. A threadbare carpet will be about as useful as no carpet at all. For homeowners who want something besides carpet, they might consider hardwood floors underneath a large area rug. This has become a bit of a trend in homes today, even if the most popular choice still remains carpet.

Dining Rooms

Most people picture their ideal dining room with some type of hardwood floor, and there's no doubt that this image can be an inviting one. Not only are hardwood floors more likely to stand up to the weight and movement of heavy tables and chairs, but they're also undeniably gorgeous.

If hardwood is outside a homeowner's budget though, there are less expensive options available. Certain kinds of tile, such as ceramic and luxury vinyl, can be fashioned to look just like hardwood without the high price tag. (These tiles are specifically designed to be as durable as wood too.)


Much like kitchens, bathrooms are subjected to plenty of moisture (plus the standard wear and tear). That's why it's common to see tile in bathrooms with a rug or two to give residents a little warmth under their feet. Standard alternatives to bathroom tiles include sheet linoleum, concrete or vinyl. Manufacturers have come a long way when it comes to the aesthetics of each of these materials. Homeowners won't have to worry about maintaining the quality of their grouting while still enjoying the styles and colors they want for the bathroom. Concrete especially can be a beautiful choice that can withstand practically anything.

Flooring today can be a fun topic to research, if only because the options are practically limitless. The key is for Middlesex homeowners to consider their priorities and future needs as well as more practical measures like their budget.

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