4 Ways to Identify Roof Damage

4 Signs of Roof Damage on Your HomeRoofs are built to withstand a lot. They can support thousands of pounds of snow and stay standing even during the hardest rainstorms. However, no roof is perfect, and they can be damaged if the weather gets too intense. Middlesex County homeowners need to know the signs of a damaged roof so they can get it repaired quickly to better protect their home. Here are some of the different ways homeowners can identify a damaged roof.

Light Can Be Seen In the Attic

One of the easiest ways to tell if a roof has been damaged is simply to go into the attic during a sunny day. If rays of sunlight can be seen coming into the attic through cracks in the roof, this means water and cold air can get in just as easily. If water can get into an attic, this puts it at risk of growing mold and mildew, which can harm the people living in the home. Homeowners with cracks in their roof should hire a professional to come identify mold or purchase a mold testing kit from a hardware store. They should also have their roof repaired as soon as possible. 

Shingles Are Missing

Another easy way to identify roof damage is to look at the roof and see if there are any shingles missing. As a roof ages, the shingles can be prone to coming off, but other things like strong winds or animals can also lead to shingles coming off. If the roof is still relatively new, shingles coming off can mean they were never installed properly in the first place. If this is the case, the homeowner can call the roofer who installed the roof to come and repair it. However, if the rest of the roof is still in good shape, the homeowner doesn’t need to replace the entire thing. They can call a roofer and have the missing shingles replaced for a small fee.

There Are Shingle Granules in the Gutters

Asphalt shingles are covered in small granules, and the granules can sometimes come off. When the shingles are new, granules will naturally come off because they weren’t stuck down well. However, this is nothing to worry about. When shingles are old, the granules coming off can mean it’s getting close to replace the roof. When the homeowner is cleaning fallen leaves out of their gutters, they should be on the lookout for granules.

Shingles are Broken or Misshapen

Over time, exposure to the elements can damage shingles. Between harsh summers and winters and things like animals climbing on the roof, shingles can become cracked, broken, or warped. In order for shingles to do their job, they need to be whole and flat. Any defects take away from the shingles’ ability to protect the home, which can lead to water and air getting into the attic. If the roof is old and the shingles are misshapen, it can be a telltale sign the roof needs to be replaced.

Depending on the roof's material, the average roof lasts from 20-30 years. A roof needs to be in good condition in order to protect the home. Homeowners should know the signs of roof damage, regardless of how old their roof is. Keeping an eye out for damage can help catch it sooner rather than later, and this vigilance can help protect the home.

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