Moving to Holmdel NJ: Is Holmdel a Good Place to Live?

Is Holmdel, NJ, a Good Place to Live?

Nestled in the heart of central New Jersey near the Atlantic coast lies Holmdel Township, a captivating destination that beckons those seeking a harmonious blend of community, convenience, and natural beauty. As prospective residents explore the possibilities this township offers, its myriad attractions paint an inviting picture. From its prestigious education system to its serene landscapes, Holmdel boasts a unique charm that caters to a broad range of homebuyers moving to Monmouth County and seeking a well-rounded lifestyle.

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8 Reasons to Move to Holmdel

  • Variety of public and private school options in addition to nearby institutions for higher education
  • Proximity to New York City (40 miles by car) makes commutes a breeze
  • Picturesque landscape and abundant parks and natural areas
  • Easy access to public transportation options, including trains, buses, and ferries
  • Great music and entertainment venues like the PNC Bank Arts Center
  • Diverse culinary scene combined with nearby nightlife options
  • Tremendous historical significance, with many Revolutionary War-era sites
  • Proximity to some of the most popular New Jersey Shore destinations

Cost of Living in Holmdel

If you're considering moving to Holmdel, NJ, you should be aware that the cost of living is high; if they have the budget to do so, however, many homebuyers find that the price of admission is well worth it. Three-bedroom condos in Holmdel typically list from the $400s–$600s, while Holmdel’s single-family homes typically list from the $700s. Most homes top out around $1 million, but luxury homes in Holmdel—of which there are many—list from $1.1–$4 million. 

The median home value in Holmdel is nearly $1 million, which is far higher than both the national and state averages. The overall cost of living in New Jersey is higher than it is nationally, though, so living costs in Holmdel are closer to that number. While salaries are higher here, so are sales taxes, so food and goods tend to cost more, too. But if you can afford it—which many people find a way to do—living in Holmdel makes sense, given its amenities and lifestyle benefits. So if you're after a luxurious lifestyle, look no further than Holmdel—it definitely won't disappoint!

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Holmdel Job Market

The Holmdel job market is thriving, with an unemployment rate that’s comparable to the national average and projected growth that outpaces the state and national projections. Some of the largest employers in Monmouth County include Hackensack Meridian Health, Saker Shoprites Inc., CentraState Healthcare Inc., and Commvault. With a projected growth rate of 23.66%, Holmdel provides plenty of opportunities for those seeking employment or wanting to further their career.

Popular Industries in the Area

Holmdel is part of the massive New Jersey economy, so residents can take advantage of the potential career opportunities in and around town. The town has several major employers in the technology, healthcare, finance, and education sectors. Hospitals such as Bayshore Community Hospital provide healthcare services for residents of Holmdel and surrounding areas. The financial sector is also well-represented, with banks like Wells Fargo having a presence in town. Finally, educational institutions such as Brookdale Community College offer postsecondary learning options for adults looking to further their education or change careers. With many employment opportunities available in these popular industries, you'll find plenty of ways to make a living when you move to Holmdel!

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Things to Do in Holmdel

Holmdel Park in Holmdel, NJ

If you're looking for things to do in Holmdel, you've come to the right place! With plenty of outdoor activities, local attractions, restaurants, and nightlife, there's something for everyone; and with the bounty of things to do in Monmouth County as a whole, residents never lack for activities. Take a hike through the gorgeous trails of Hartshorne Woods Park or explore the historic Earle-Hoffman Estate: whatever your preference is, Holmdel has it all. Enjoy a night out at one of the town's many restaurants and pubs or take in an event at the PNC Bank Arts Center—whatever your plans are, Holmdel has plenty to offer.

Outdoor Activities

Explore Holmdel Park and uncover its 10 miles of forested trails, Historic Longstreet Farm, Shaw Arboretum, and countless winter and summer activities. From ice skating to fishing, you can find something to enjoy in this 564-acre park. At Historic Longstreet Farm, you can explore the 1890s rural Monmouth County with sights, sounds, and smells. The David C. Shaw Arboretum offers 22 acres of ornamental trees and shrubs for educational purposes. Enjoy a day outdoors exploring these two attractions within Holmdel Park for a year-round experience!

Local Attractions

Uncover the unique offerings of Holmdel's local attractions, from its historic house to its vineyards and monuments. Explore the Holmes-Hendrickson House, built in 1754, which seamlessly blends English and Dutch styles to reflect the cultural heritage of its occupants. Admire its furnishings that represent a prosperous farm family. 

Be sure to visit the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, located at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel; the site is also home to the Vietnam Era Museum & Educational Center, which are great for an interactive and educational look into historical events. Then take a stroll through Fox Hollow Vineyards, owned by 6th generation farmers who decided to diversify into vineyards and wine-making for future generations. With these remarkable attractions, Holmdel will surely leave an impression on visitors!

Restaurants & Nightlife

Treat yourself to the best Italian cuisine and signature drinks at Patricia's, or grab a bite and a beer at The Colts Neck Pub. For an unforgettable night out, Bar Bella Inverno is the perfect spot. This luscious tropical oasis offers sips for all seasons beneath string lights in the Big Bang Cafe. Enjoy their specialty drinks like the mezcal Negroni or Bella Mule, along with craft beers and wines. For a casual outing, The Colts Neck Pub has tasty burgers, wings, salads, sandwiches, and great happy hour specials. Whether you're looking for fine dining or laid-back vibes, Holmdel has it all!

Holmdel Climate

Typical Weather in Holmdel, NJ

Holmdel's climate is moderate, with distinct seasons and an average temperature of 55°F. Summers are warm and humid, while winters can be chilly, with temperatures often dipping below freezing. Rainfall is quite generous here at 40 inches per year—more than the US average of 38 inches! Snowfall isn't too heavy either at 25 inches a year—still lower than the US average of 28 inches. And you're in luck if you like sunny days because Holmdel basks in about 220 days of sunshine annually. 

July sees the highest summer temperature with an average high of 84°F, while January has the lowest winter temperature with an average low of 24°F. You can expect precipitation on 117 days each year as long as it's 0.01 inches or more on the ground. All this makes Holmdel a great place to live if you love moderate weather and plenty of sunshine!

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Traffic in Holmdel

Navigating Holmdel Township's roads offers a relatively smooth commute characterized by well-maintained routes and efficient traffic flow. While congestion can occur during peak hours on major arteries like Route 34 and the Garden State Parkway exits, overall traffic remains manageable considering the realities of driving in New Jersey. The Garden State Parkway passes through the township with two exits at Exit 114 and 116, while Routes 34 and 35 traverse the western and northern areas, respectively. Additionally, county routes 516 and 520 intersect the area providing additional options.

Alternative Routes

Exploring alternative routes in the Holmdel area can help you save time and money. Many commuters take the Garden State Parkway or Route 35 South. But if you choose a different route, you could avoid traffic backups and jams that often occur due to high traffic volume. You could also save on tolls by taking local roads or county highways instead of a major highway. If you're coming from the north, take County Road 537 East for a scenic ride through farmland and wooded areas. Or, if you're coming from the south, take County Road 520 West for an alternate route along suburban neighborhoods and industrial parks. Whatever route you choose, it's essential to plan ahead to ensure your arrival is stress-free!

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Holmdel Public Transportation

As you move to Holmdel, you'll be happy to find that convenient public transportation is available. NJ Transit and Academy Bus are nearby, as well as a ferry service in Highlands offering quick access to New York City. The closest train stations are in Aberdeen Township and Hazlet Township—all on the North Jersey Coast Line connecting Hoboken Terminal, Newark's Penn Station, and New York's Penn Station. 

Seastreak provides regular ferry journeys to Pier 11 on the East River at Wall Street or East 35th Street in Manhattan. Plus, they have seasonal trips to beaches on Sandy Hook, Yankee Stadium & Citi Field for baseball games, Broadway matinees, Martha's Vineyard MA, West Point college football games, and Hudson Valley fall foliage. If you're feeling festive, there's even a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! With so many options available, it won't be long before you explore city life or relax by the shore.

Schools in Holmdel

Holmdel, NJ, Schools

Holmdel Township Public Schools cater to students from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade, boasting a student-teacher ratio of 11:1. The district is composed of four schools, with Village Elementary School providing Pre-K–Grade 3 instruction for 759 students, Indian Hill School educating Grades 4–6 (752 enrolled), William R. Satz School covering Grades 7 and 8 (521 enrolled), and Holmdel High School catering to Grades 9–12 (962 enrolled). Notably, middle school education begins in Grade 7 in the township instead of the conventional Grade 6 level.

According to various rankings, Holmdel High School has been recognized as one of the best public high schools in New Jersey. It was ranked 12th out of 339 statewide schools by New Jersey Monthly magazine in 2012 while also placing 20th among all New Jersey schools and 723rd nationwide according to The Washington Post's 2011 ranking of American high schools. Private educational institutions within Holmdel include St. John Vianney High School and St. Benedict School, both Roman Catholic Diocese of Trenton institutions serving different grade levels from kindergarten to twelfth grade. 

Holmdel Township provides quality education for its residents regardless if they choose public or private schooling options; it's no wonder why families move here for excellent academic opportunities!

Living the NJ Life in Holmdel

In every corner of Holmdel Township, a tapestry of experiences awaits, inviting individuals from all walks of life to partake in its exceptional offerings. With its combination of tranquility, culture, and accessibility—not to mention Holmdel’s new construction homes awaiting homebuyers—the town embodies the New Jersey spirit, providing an enriching environment that caters to those who seek a dynamic and fulfilling life. As one takes a closer look at this captivating township, it becomes clear that Holmdel is more than a destination—it's a place where new chapters and endless possibilities await.

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