Moving With Kids and Pets Can Be Stress Free

How to Plan for a Stress-Free Move with Kids & PetsWhether it’s a one-person household or a multi-person household with children and pets, moving can be a stressful undertaking. You’re going to have a lot of work on your hands, it’s going to be tiresome, mistakes will be made, and emotions might run high. It’s essential to plan properly to avoid added trouble.

When you plan things out, you don’t have to contend with issues that develop from poorly realized efforts. Keep reading to learn about the best ways to have a stress-free experience when moving with kids and pets.

The Value Of A Babysitter During Complex Moves

If you’re moving a multi-level property with quite a few different furniture items, some being sentimental while others occupy “pragmatic use” territory, that’s complex. You’re going to have to make multiple trips from your old property to your new property, and the entire process could be even more challenging when children are present.

Depending on the age of your children, they may be able to help out. However, they may also be too young. You can do this: have a babysitter keep an eye on them at your old property, and when appropriate, at your new property. Keeping children safe and occupied allows those that are able to focus solely on the move.

Decide what babysitting option would work for you in advance and organize your moving time with this individual.

The Pets Should Be Safely Moved

Have you ever had cats? Did they love the car ride or did your cat panic during the ride? There are many different types of felines, but most don’t like driving in the car, and they don’t like moving to new places. The safest way to drive with pets is to use a travel crate. Even if you do everything right with a maximum amount of comfort and care taken for your four-footed friends, they’re probably going to get a little stressed. To reduce complications, pets should be moved last.

Working With The Best Moving Companies Reduces Stress

Another way to help reduce stress for both children and pets is to work with moving professionals from UmoveFree. When professionals handle the “heavy lifting,” as it were, you can get the move done quicker, saving the need for a babysitter or waiting till the very end to bring the pets.

Avoid Secondhand Stress

If you’re stressed, the people and even pets around you can pick up on it. Stress will crunch your eyebrows and change your body language. You’ll walk heavier, and you’ll be more likely to have an angry reaction when specific minutiae intrude on you than you would otherwise.

By staying calm, you’ll help keep pets and children in the household calm. The effects of secondhand stress can cause unwanted complications.

Pack everything in advance using the right boxes and labeling them. Categorize packed materials by kind, weight, and delicacy. Move all the furniture into an easily accessible place for the movers. Give yourself a few days or weeks to do this. When you’ve got more control like that, it tends to relieve stress.

Do Your Best Not To Rush

Avoiding a “rushed” mindset dovetails precisely from the previous point: don’t rush anything. When you rush, you make mistakes, which emotionally impact you in a way that dominates your thinking and keeps you from making your best decisions. Mistakes beget mistakes, essentially. One of the biggest mistakes is rushing to do everything at once. Avoid that.

Instead, take your time, plan things out, and you’ll find everything is much less complex, much less stressful, and much smoother overall.

Reducing The Complication Of Moving

Don’t rush it, avoid stressing yourself out, work with professional movers, move the pets last, and think about a babysitter when moving looks like it will take a long time.

Altogether, these moves should help you get from one property to another with a minimum of stress and hassle not only for yourself but for the children and pets of the household too.

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