What Should You Know Before Making an Offer?

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There are a few things to prepare yourself before submitting an offer on a New Jersey home. First off, when submitting a bid, do your research. Come in educated. By connecting with a local Realtor that understands the market, you'll have all the data and market statistics you need to prepare. Your goal is to fight for your terms with an aggressive price.

The agent should pull the size, location, and style of the home, as well as the number of bedrooms and baths. They should know those properties are comparable to the house you're bidding on. You should then compare the asking price to other competitive prices within the neighborhood. Some homes are priced accurately, which likely sell close to list price. The best strategy is to make a quick decision, rather than dwelling on the possibilities.

If the home has been sitting on the market for a while, you can potentially buy it for less than the price when it originally listed. You want to look at days on market and price reductions, if any. There is room for negotiation, since that seller could be desperate to sell their home.

With these tips, you stand a great chance to get your offer accepted, and do so with your terms. Shoot me a message with any questions you have! I’m happy to answer any real estate questions you have.

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