New To Painting? Use These Great Tools

5 Painting Tools You Should Be UsingWhen a homeowner is new to painting, it can be difficult knowing what tools to use. There are many, many different tools and products on the market that are stated to be helpful when painting, but so many options can be overwhelming for homeowners who have never painted a room before, especially for those who may be trying to sell their home. Are paint brush covers really necessary, and is painters tape really all it's cracked up to be? Here are some of the best painting tools that homeowners can't skip if they want to paint their own walls.

1. Painters Tape

So, is it all it's cracked up to be? Yes! Painters tape is an excellent tool for every homeowner to use, no matter how experienced they are. It's typically either blue or green, and it can be purchased anywhere paint can be bought. It seems just like normal masking tape, but it's made especially for use on walls. Homeowners put a strip on the wall then paint over it, and it comes off easily but leaves perfectly straight lines behind without any of the paint bleeding under. This makes it great for getting crisp borders around molding and windowsills, so painters tape should be in every homeowner's painting arsenal.

2. Tarps and Drop Cloths

It's no secret that painting can be messy. Accidents can happen, and paint can ruin floors, so homeowners need to protect their home. Tarps and drop cloths are extremely handy for protecting floors and furniture from stray drips of paint, and they come in nearly every size to fit nearly any floor. When picking a tarp, choose one that's made of fabric or a non-slippery material. Slick plastic can be difficult to walk on and lead to slipping and falling.

3. Extendable Brush Handles

It can be difficult to reach the higher parts of walls, and lugging around a ladder can be clunky and possibly even dangerous. To avoid this, try buying a roller brush with an extendable handle. This can make it a lot easier to get those hard to reach spots at the top of walls or in stairways where it isn't possible to reach safely without special equipment that likely wouldn't get used more than a few times in its lifetime.

4. Brushes of Different Sizes

Most people associate large roller brushes with painting walls, but homeowners need more than just those in order to paint their walls well. When buying supplies, homeowners should buy bristle brushes of different sizes. This is because normal bristle brushes have a far more delicate touch and allow homeowners to maneuver through tight areas with far more ease than they'd have trying to use a large roller brush. It's a good idea to have bristle brushes on hand anyway because roller brushes aren't good for every type of painting. Certain textures and strokes can only be accomplished with bristle brushes, and bristle brushes also make cutting in much easier than it would be with a roller brush.

5. Masking Film

While furniture can be covered or moved out of a room, not everything can be protected quite so easily. This is where masking film comes in. This film is great for things like mirrors or windows, especially when the sill is being painted because it covers the glass smoothly to protect it from splatters and drips. Then when the job is done, it can be peeled off just as easiy as painters tape, leaving the surface perfectly clean.

There are a lot of different products on the market that can make painting a South Plainfield new home easier, but these five are the things that every homeowner should be utilizing when painting their home.

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